Brochures & Multipage Designs

Various Clients, 2007 – Present

I have been working on multi-page booklets and programs for over 10 years. I enjoy making content-rich documents easy to digest, and I specialize in simplifying and structuring content specific to its audience. It is important to remind my design clients (both internal and external) that, while they are my customer, ultimately it is the end user that needs to be able to utilize the document. In this case, utility versus aesthetic sensibility is essential for successful design. It is my challenge to balance these two key factors when determining a creative solution. Whether it’s creating a booklet for older patients navigating a healthcare system, a pamphlet for multi-lingual adults navigating a diabetes diagnosis, or simply an event program that highlights speakers and keynotes, crafting clear and creative solutions is vital when designing multi-page brochures.

Scripps Health - Diabetes Basics

Scripps Health - Update Magazine, A quarterly publication

Scripps Health - Heart Failure Brochure, Spanish Edition

Mission Federal Credit Union - 2015 Annual Report

AMN Healthcare - 2017 Annual Report & Proxy

Scripps Health - Diabetes Basics

Scripps Health - Heart Failure Brochure

Scripps Health - Heart Failure Brochure

AMN Healthcare - 2016 Annual Report & Proxy


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