Infographics & Interactive Design

Various Clients, 2007 – Present

Infographics have been around LONG before the internet and are a fun way to increase audience engagement on social media and other platforms. I created my very first infographic for Scripps Health in 2011, which helped simplify nutrition label literacy. The icon system and bright color coding help guide the audience through the often complex and misunderstood markers. It makes understanding what's really in your food simple. The Food Label Facts infographic is still available on the Scripps Health website and was featured in Culinary Nutrition Principles and Applications, written by Mary Abbott Hess and Catharine Powers.

Whether the infographic is breaking down complex information (Predictive Analytics for AMN Healthcare), meant to serve as a quick fact sheet for new clients, or created purely to drive traffic to your social channels, each should be branded, clear, and not too serious! 

In 2017, I learned how to create graphics for an interactive quiz. We hosted our survey on a paid platform and I designed interactive animations for each question. The ROI was positive and the campaign was a success. You can take the AMN Travel Nurse Survey here: